PARTH 2 Years Integrated Program
for Class XI & XII JEE (Main), BITSAT & Board
Other Engineering Entrance Exams (English and Hindi Medium)


Target JEE Main, Board Exams, BITSAT, Other Engineering Entrance Exams
Moving Class 11th
Course Name PARTH
Eligibility Minimum 65% in class 10th
Admission Criteria Direct Admission
Medium English and Hindi
Study Center Kota
Fee Rs.99,999 (Additional Caution Money Rs. 2000/) For– 2 Years Coaching Fee + School Fee
Course Commencement 7th April, 3rd May, 16th June, 1st July, 19th July, 5th August 2021, 06th September 2021

About Course

Parth is a 2 year integrated programme for class 11th students. This programme will help students in preparing for JEE Main, Board Exam, BITSAT and other Entrance Exams of Various Engineering Colleges. The fee of this programme is inclusive of Coaching as well as School Fee. This program aims to provide the meritorious students a platform to furnish their concepts and prove themselves at various engineering entrance exams and board exams via its initiative which offers them course at reasonably waived fees as to assist them financially from the time of admission till class 12th.


  • Lays solid foundation of basic concepts of all the subjects
  • The focal point of the Course is mainly on concept strengthening & regular enhancement in the performance of the students.
  • Develops quick logical thinking & systematic problem solving skills.
  • Enough practice of JEE (Main) problems which ensure the clarity of every small doubt.
  • Coverage of Board syllabus along with JEE (Main) syllabus.
  • Special Classes for English is conducted.
  • Apart from subject knowledge, students are provided with best possible guidance, speed, accuracy, test temperament and right kind of competition.
  • Board Test after completion of every topic.
  • Conduction of JEE (Main) Online Tests give the feel of actual examination to the students.

Terms and Conditions

  1. CBSE - Rs. 1,39,999/- (Vibrant Fee - Rs. 89,999/- + Rs.2000/- (#Caution Money)) or (School Fees - Rs. 50,000/-)
  2. RBSE - Rs. 99,999/- (Vibrant Fee - Rs. 89,999/- + Rs.2000/- (#Caution Money)) or (School Fees - Rs. 10,000/-)
  3. For CBSE 1st and 2nd instalment shall be (Rs. 49,999/- Coaching Fee + Rs.2000/- (#Caution Money) + 50,000/- School Fee) and Rs. 40,000/- respectively.
  4. For RBSE 1st and 2nd instalment shall be (Rs. 49,999/- Coaching Fee + Rs.2000/- (#Caution Money) + 10,000/- School Fee) and Rs. 40,000/- respectively.
  5. #The caution money will be refunded to the student on his/her leaving the institute, after the completion of the course and on submission of relavent document (JEE/NEET/Board Result and Application Form Number), after deduction of all dues, fines and other claims, if any, against him/her, as per the rules of the Institute.
  6. No Other Scholarship.